Types of Grills and Their Characteristics Review

 Outdoor grills are used to make food without using oil. Grilled foods are healthier as compared to the fried foods and this is the reason why many people are turning to grilling. Additionally, outdoor grilling has become a social activity that presents a good way for people to bond with relatives and friends. There are many different types of outdoor and barbecue grills for anyone in search for one. Choosing an outdoor grill will depend on several factors like budget, location for use and one's lifestyle. Here are the different types of outdoor grills available in the market today; 

Gas Grills: This is probably the most popular type of back yard grill. It can run on either natural gas or bottled propane. Although most gas grills are designed for propane, they can be converted into natural gas easily. This is the best type of grill for an impatient person who wants to fire up the grill quickly and cook a meal without worrying about preparation and cleaning of charcoal. When using a gas grill you'll want to wear a grilling glove in order to protect your hands, we've found that they protect your hands from burning instead of using utensils over the hot grill.

Gas Grills For Grilling

Characteristics of gas grills;
Easily adjustable temperatures.Easy to clean since you only need to wipe the surfaces.Infra-red cooking which allows you to cook different foods at once.

Electric Grills: This grill is powered by electricity and cooks meat using heated grill plates. It does not need a source of heat like fire. There are several outdoor and indoor varieties available. This type of grill is good for city dwellers who are prohibited to use charcoal or gas grills. 

Electric Grill

Characteristics:They are environment friendly because they eliminate the use of flames and smoke.Easy to use and clean.They are safe to use in apartments.With controlled heat, it is easy to cook your food evenly and thoroughly.

Portable Grills: This type of grills use charcoal or propane and can be easily transported from one location to another. This is perfect for people who love going out for picnics or tailgating. 

portable grill

Characteristics: Compact and lightweight but ideal for cooking different foods simultaneously.High heat output with a large cooking area.

Charcoal Grills: This grill uses charcoal briquettes like the fuel and fire for cooking. Although cooking with charcoal is time consuming as compared to the other grills, the taste of food is very good. Since charcoal burns at a higher temperature as compared to the other sources of fyel, it allows the food to sear and have a distinct taste.

charcoal grill

Characteristics: Some grills have air ventilation's which allow you to cook faster and for longer.Cleaning is easy since you only empty the ash trays. 

Smokers: smoking meat is becoming a most popular method of cooking your barbecue. These cookers produce an intense flavor and are quite effective when cooking large quantities of food. With a large cooking capacity, you can cook large amounts of food at once instead of small bits of food. For the lovers of smoke flavours, this is the perfect grill for you. Since most of them come with ventilation, it is easy to control the temperatures.

Meat smokers

Safety when grilling: Always remember to use a grill glove when handling food on grills. There are a variety of grill gloves available and you can get the perfect one for you and your family. Also remember to keep all open fires away from children to avoid accidents. Grill away!

Safe Cookware Handling

Have you ever got a burn from a hot oven when handling a pan? Either the gloves you used were not protective enough and you get burnt by the pan or they are not long enough to cover the entire arm. If you have not experienced such pain you can just imagine how excruciating it must be. Whether you have such an experience or not you will appreciate the need for safe cookware handling with silicone oven gloves.

The Silicone Cooking Glove In Action

These gloves are specially designed with heat resistant material that enables you to handle hot cookware. Not only do they cover the hands but are long enough to cover the entire forearm. With such protection you are assured that when you are baking or barbecuing you are not prone to nasty burns. You can therefore concentrate on your cooking.

Flame Retardant

The most important aspect of oven gloves should be their flame retardant and heat resistant properties. Silicone oven gloves have the highest level of heat resistance making it possible to handle hot cookware without worry. Silicone oven gloves are stuffed with special silicone material which prevents heat from getting to your arm. Not only does the silicone stuffing protect you from dry heat – such as in an oven – but also open heat like in a barbecue and hot steam as in a boiling pot.

Long Sleeved

You can easily get a burn from the side of an oven when reaching in to get a pan. This means as much as you are protecting your hand you should do the same to your entire forearm. A good oven glove should be long enough to cover up to your elbows. This prevents burns from accidental burns from the side of an oven or from a high flame on a barbecues

Convenient and Safe

When handling food it is ideal to maintain a degree of cleanliness. Silicone oven gloves are safe for handling cookware as they do not harbor harmful organism provided they are cleaned regularly. Silicone oven gloves do not need special cleaning – you can clean and dry the same way you do with other kitchen clothes. By using silicone oven gloves instead of normal kitchen clothes you can maintain a higher level of cleanliness and not compromise on food hygiene.


As much as they are protective, silicone oven gloves do not need to be dull and unattractive. On the contrary these gloves are stylish – their stuffing is made of special heat resistant material covered with an attractive clothe. They come in varied colors and design making it possible to go for the ones that appeal to you or go with your kitchen theme.

When in the kitchen or you are preparing food over a barbecue you already have a lot on your plate already. You do not need to encounter the risk of nasty burns while at it. Silicone oven gloves are convenient and multi-purpose protective clothing that can save you a lot of hassle when cooking, baking or barbecuing In addition to the protection they give you a safe, hygienic and convenient way to handle cookware with the silicone grill glove